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Stone Madonna 4.jpg


My artistic career spans over 30 years, beginning with silk screen prints and oils. Watercolour painting, particularly paintings of people in their natural work settings, has been the focus of my work for the past several years. 


From my base in Toronto, Canada, I have traveled extensively throughout Mexico and Central America, as well as the Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, China, and North Africa.As many of my paintings show, travel is a major source of inspiration.


I have received art instruction at the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD) and in workshops with American watercolour portrait artists Joe Fettingis, and Alex Powers. 


Exhibitions include the Homer Watson Gallery, Yorkville Library Exhibit,  Guelph-Humber Cultural Center Gallery, Hugh's Room, Pfeifer Gallery, Toronto City Hall Art Show, Queen Street West, and Toronto Art in the Park. 


I sell most of my work at exhibitions but if you are interested in a particular piece you see here, please use the CONTACT link to make an inquiry.

Lloyd Cooke 5.jpg

A progression of my artwork over 20+ years

prior to watercolours.  

Left to Right: Pacific Coast (1975 Silkscreen), With Tonic ? (1980 Silkscreen), Dickens (1986 Oil),

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